Training and Certification

Sengex’s Training and Certification services provide our customers the ability to take full advantage of our cyber security solutions by delivering education on the operation, as well as the ongoing maintenance and administration of our offerings

Sengex’s training courses draw on industry-standard instructional principles to provide a comprehensive program that can be delivered on-site, or at a Sengex training facility.

Each Sengex training session is either one or two days in length and is structured to include a product and application overview, detailed operation information, as well as a hands-on setup and user walkthrough via our hosted or on-premise training systems. Sengex hosted classes are held at our corporate facility in McLean VA. Each session can accommodate up to 6 students.

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On-site classes are also available upon request. The cost of on-site training is a flat fee for a one – two day training session to accommodate up to 6 students in each class. Additional students can be added at an discounted cost per student. The cost of the on-site course does not include charges for Instructor travel, lodging and meals.

Sample Course Outline for Sengex Training includes:
• Product Overview class
• Industry Applications
• Capabilities and Limitations
• Installation and Configuration
• Operations and Maintenance
• Hands-On Interaction
• Hands-On User Exercises

To schedule on-site training, or check availability of Sengex hosted classes, please contact us at 774-265-0362, or e-mail to

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