Threat Detection and Mitigation

Combining Engineering Excellence with Innovations in Physical and Cyber Threats Detection, Identification, and Prevention

Concealed Weapon Detection

Covert Screening Solutions of Moving Individuals for On-body Concealed Weapons

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UAV Detection and Analytics

Uniting Best-of-Breed UAV Detection and Identification Technologies with Engineering Expertise to Provide Medium range and 360 Degrees Protection from Unmanned Airborne Threats

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Wireless Intrusion Detection

Full Spectrum Location-Based Device Detection and Tracking Solutions Development and Integration

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Medical Device Security Services

Security Gap Analysis and Engineering Services for Medical Device and Electronic Medical Record Protection

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Data Storage and Transport Protection

Manage who, what, when, where and how cloud-based and local data is accessed

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Sengex is a leader in large scale cyber and physical threat detection and mitigation. Our security engineering practice develops, integrates and deploys the most complete threat detection, identification, and mitigation solutions in the areas of medical devices, wireless devices, UAV/Drones and weapons, resulting in the removal of targeted threats.


Sengex provides solutions that are based on a deep understanding of our client’s requirements and a proven ability to deliver solutions that utilize third-party products, as well as our…

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Threats to national security and human life can come in many forms and much of the time they can be identified and mitigated with the right technologies. Most Security…

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Sengex provides state of the art and innovative threat discovery and analysis solutions across four of the many threat domains.  We pride ourselves on the assurance that our customers…

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